Tiny Toronto recently participated in the Verge Accelerate's 2017 1 min pitch competition. Check it out!

This Spacing article explains the benefits of backyard coach houses.

During the summer of 2017 blogTO showcased Tiny Toronto's first 1:6 scale prototype of the 104sqft model!

Ryerson's own Ryersonian features Tiny Toronto during an event at the Design Fabrication Zone. (This Ryersonian article mistakenly described Tiny Toronto homes as mobile. This note is here to correct that claim.)

This article provides the reader with information about Tiny Toronto in its earliest phases. The interview with Sa'ad Ahmed in this MaRS article will give you a grasp of his most foundational dreams for both Tiny Toronto and the Toronto area itself. 

This video contains a Community Council discussion of the potential benefits of lane-way suites in Toronto and East York. Feel free to utilize it in order to learn about how these suites may help with your unique housing situation. The video also presents the viewer with an understanding of the manner in which lane way suites are being considered in Toronto and East York. 

The following video shows a Tiny Toronto presentation on the current housing and transportation issues facing Toronto. Sa'ad explains in the video how small living spaces would reduce the cost of housing in Toronto. Also, the need for transportation without car ownership is discussed. 

This video contains Sa'ad Ahmed asking a question about the legality of small dwelling spaces in Toronto. In particular, he asks whether or not Toronto will consider legalizing small dwelling spaces. He asks this question while pointing out that other cities have already allowed these living spaces to develop in their jurisdictions. Toronto City Manager Peter Wallace responds by discussing the need for regulatory reform. 

The following video shows Sa'ad Ahmed discussing the benefits of small dwelling spaces to deal with the housing crisis in Toronto. He points out that city planning is disproportionately focused on downtown Toronto and that the suburbs are not being well utilized. He also explains the benefits to home owners that these small dwellings can provide.